Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Beach Days and a teeny tiny Giveaway

Hello dear friends, long time no see. I've been a very naughty blogger, but the truth is I have been enjoying life away from the screen. Our summers in the UK can be so short lived, the moment that sun is out, so am I. Funny thing is, I've probably had more to blog about than ever, but have not had the time. 

I live no more than 300 metres from the beach. A stony beach on the Welsh side of the Bristol Channel. At one time one of the world's busiest shipping channels. Not so much these days, just the odd, colourful container ship when the tide is right.  That tide is also the second highest in the world so all sorts of flotsam and jetsam end up on these shores. Today I was on the hunt for some sea glass. Real sea glass that is, smoothed by the ebb and flow of the waters, not tumbled in a machine which is so often the case these days. Did you know, sea glass is becoming a rare commodity. With all the recycling of glass, supplies are dwindling. Used mostly by artisan jewellery makers, it's beautiful. Time worn with mystery attached. Where did it come from?

The largest piece I found today is over 6cm long and a lovely pale aqua.  I also found some smaller blues and greens and a few lovely shells. If you would like them just leave a comment below telling me what you would use it for. I will ship anywhere in the world. Who knows, it could end up where it started.

That Sookie has no concept of composition. I can't tell you how many shots she photo bombed! 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

What a perfect day it was. Perfect enough for myself and Sookie to take a long walk through our neighbourhood, camera in tow of course. Here is the fruit of our labour. A little view from the street where we live. Turn your speakers on and enjoy!

Sunday, 4 May 2014


Meg's gone over to the dark side, Wordpress! If you were ever wondering what had happened to her over at www.phazestyle.blogspot.co.uk, she realised a lifestyle blog was not her cup of tea. Fashion is her passion and it just so happens her degree was in Fashion Promotion, so it seems the ideal outlet for her creative juices. 

Hope you will follow her new journey, pop over, leave a comment, let her know you're still interested. Love to all!